GMO Kellogg’s gets Occupied on Facebook

Kellogg’s is being brought down.  Their Facebook page has been occupied by an informed public that is concerned about their cozy relationship with genetically modified ingredients.  I browsed through many of the comments which were 98% anti-GMO.  The interesting thing is Kellogg’s made no public statement concerning any of the comments regarding genetic modification of their foods.  They did, however, respond to comments from what they deemed as their “legitimate” customers.  By observing the “legitimate” responses I could see Kellogg’s was deleting comments when concerned citizens tried to communicate with their “legitimate” customers.

I tested this theory by replying to the “legitimate” complaints of broken crackers and not being able to print coupons.  In response to a customer asking them to go gluten-free, Kellogg’s suggested their gluten-free Rice Krispies.  I then replied to Kellogg’s by telling them to go GMO- free and responded to the customer with a news article about the connection between GMO and many ailments, such as gluten intollerance.  Within an hour I was banned from posting any comments and most of my comments were deleted including the news article I posted.

Kellogg’s is part of the problem.  In an age of rampant corruption in politics and the corporate world it’s time for us to stand up against this nightmarish web of corruption.  This is is a battle and ultimately we will win against these tyrants.  They have been rejected and put on notice in the public forum.  Executives and callaborators at Kellogg’s, Monsanto, and many other corporations will soon be put on trial in the public forum and we will send the vast majority of them to prison.  Everyone should continue to occupy these criminal organizations until we bring them to the ground.  In the end we will be the ones banning them.

Here are some recent comments from the Kellogg’s Facebook page:

kelloggs comments copy


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