Freeing Yourself from Technocratic Tyranny

Incremental tyranny facilitated by the two false choices of left and right.  Racial tension manufactured and distributed by ignorance, politicians and the media.  Divide and conquer. Environmental destruction.  Corruption.  War.  Famine.  Disease.  Death.

Our first step to solving many of these problems is to identify those who are creating them.  These are the technocratic elite.  They are deceptive manipulators who use government as a tool to enslave and control us.  By nature they are tyrannical and predatory psychopaths.  With the help of our government, the Federal Reserve has primarily functioned as an instument to rob us of our birthright.  The Bank for International Settlements has funded both sides of most military conflicts in order to plunge all nations into a debt that can never be paid back.  As you saw in Cyprus, we are now at a point where this banking mafia is openly stealing money out of bank accounts in order to test the water for outright theft.  They have created global financial ruin through fractional reserve lending and financial fraud.

Allow your mind to be free from the chains of globalist bondage.  The mind is the easiest thing for them to control, but only because as a society we willfully relinquish it to them.  Americans must break out of the idea that they are helpless and unable to affect any sort of resistance.  The criminal elements that run most governments including the United States have only one advantage, which is the mere remnants of credibility that they once maintained.  These technocrats will be defeated and the criminal banking mafia, politicians, and collaborators will be put on trial and sent to prison for their crimes.  We will dismantle the military industrial complex. These individuals understand that they may go to prison, which is why we must facilitate the movement to prosecute these criminals before they are able to fully dominate us.  It is through awareness and the flow of information that we will defeat the occupying force that desires to destroy our constitutional republic.  It’s time we wake up and realize that we are fully capable of defeating these authoritarian lunatics.


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